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Buffalo Chicken Burger

A monster of a chicken burger with blue cheese mayo & buffalo sauce. Topped with a cooked vegetable slaw. Check out our recipe on buffalo sauce below!


Portions     1

Blue Cheese Mayonnaise;

Vegetable Slaw:

Buffalo Sauce:

Building the Burger:


  1. Blue Cheese Mayonnaise;

    • Combine Best Foods Real Mayonnaise and blue cheese in a blender and mix until smooth. Chill until use.

  2. Vegetable Slaw:

    • Sauté vegetables in melted butter and season with Knorr Chicken Stock Powder, allow to cool down slightly.

  3. Buffalo Sauce:

    • Combine all four sauces simply by whisking.

  4. Building the Burger:

    • Grill chicken patties until cooked, about 4 min each side. Season with Knorr Chicken Stock Powder. Place a slice of cheese on each.

    • Start by toasting the buns & then spreading blue cheese mayo on both sides.

    • Layer with lettuce, then the chicken patty with some buffalo sauce.

    • Then topped off with the vegetable slaw and top of the bun.

Buffalo Chicken Burger: About
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